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How To Get Cheap Rail Travel in the U.S.: Part 3 Planning

Date Added: April 07, 2011 06:35:36 PM
Author: Julia Amisano
Category: Travel

There are many ways to plan a cheap rail travel trip and in this article, I discuss some ways that will save you time and money. Once you have determined where you want to go (as discussed in Part 1) and what coupons or promotional codes to use (as discussed in Part 2) the next step is to consider the best time to travel. You can start by looking up tickets on the Amtrak sites ( or I also found some free software to help plan your cheap rail travel trip; the link is below. You can plan a solo trip, a group trip or even a family trip where you take your car with you. When To Travel: The high season for rail travel is late spring, summer and early Fall, as early as April, ticket prices will start to go up. After mid-October prices come down again. If you have to travel during the high season book tickets 2-3 months in advance. If you travel in the off-season (mid October to March), you can save a considerable amount of money. Amtrak’s official site: Amtrak is the ONLY rail company that provides State to State travel in the U.S. On the official site’s homepage, you can plug in dates for a trip in the tickets box if you know where and when you want to travel. You can also go to the ‘plan’ tab on the homepage to see schedules, vacations and information about travel insurance and baggage and shipping. Or you can browse the deals under the deals tab if you want to go on a cheap rail travel vacation but are not sure where you want to go. Amtrak’s Vacation Deals site: Amtrak also has a separate site for Cheap rail Vacations deals it is You can browse this site to get new ideas about cheap rail vacations packages. These deals offer meals, transport on the train, hotel accommodations in various cities along the way. They even have escorted tours. Cheap Rail Travel Planning Software: There are different tools you can use to plan your trip on a train. The site below offers free software that makes reading the Amtrak schedules a lot easier. Check it out.*GeoUSCA*_-Content-__amtrak%20schedule&s=awppc14&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=amtrak%20schedule&utm_campaign=ppc14-15 Cheap Rail Travel with a car: Amtrak has many special routes listed under the routes tab on the homepage. If you are traveling on the East coast (anywhere from Virginia to Florida) and want to bring along your car or motorcycle you can use Auto Train which is now operated by Amtrak. On the site: On track On line (, there are some great tips on how and when to use Autotrain. A lot of families in NY and Pennsylvania use Autotrain to travel to Disney Land which is about a forty minute drive from the last stop on the Autotrain, (Sanford, Florida). Group Travel: Travel in Numbers if Possible. Groups of 20 people or more can save as much as 20%. Discounted rates for students, senior citizens and young children may also also apply to group rates. Ask your Amtrak agent either online or over the phone (800) USA RAIL. If you are traveling with a group of minors make sure to enquire about the rules concerning how many adults need to be present to supervise the number of minors you are traveling with. Safety Tips: Now that you know how and when to take cheap rail travel trips make sure to travel safely and follow these tips.When traveling via rail remember to use a bike lock on your luggage to secure it to the overhead luggage carriers. Carry money and valuables ‘close to your chest’ either in a fanny pack or zipped up pocket of a coat/jacket you are wearing. Thanks for reading. I hope this article has given you the information you need to plan a great, cheap rail travel trip. Stop by and let me know how it turns out (!